Slaying it since 1983.

Our History

When Joe Ehr founded Ehrenburg Homes in 1983, he wanted to create a company dedicated to providing quality in every aspect of home construction. Since then, Ehrenburg Homes has become one of the most reputable names in the industry, earning a reputation for producing superior homes in Saskatoon and surrounding areas through expert workmanship, outstanding service and premium materials.

Our Name

Playing on the origins of the family name Ehr, Ehrenburg Homes was named in homage to Ehrenburg Castle in Germany. The castle, which was built around 1100, still stands today as a testament to the longevity of true craftsmanship.

The Castle Company continues to embody the regal aspects from which its name is derived: deluxe features, refined details and the royal treatment for all.

I dub thee certified!

“The whole experience was delivered with such high customer service and with attention to detail. There was no stress or inconvenience to us at any time… The whole Ehrenburg team have been awesome!” Fiona